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May 07, 2016

in my mother's eyes

i heard a song today, a song my friend shared for mothers everywhere and it moved me to tears... such a beautiful song that captures how i feel about my mum...

January 18, 2016

my one word 2016

each new year i adopt a word that i want to encompass for the up coming year. it's a word that seems to gravitate towards my thought life and one that i look to develop through my attitude, actions and faith journey...

January 11, 2016

christmas 2015

sharing belated memories of our christmas time together, the lead up and the couple of days of celebration was so fun with a three year old who understood all about father christmas and presents!

January 05, 2016

52/52 the finale

so here is the last instalment of this project. i'm going to have a break next year and pick it up 2017... thanks for joining in along the way!

December 21, 2015

we have a 3 boy!

we adventured to kawakawa for isaiah's third birthday celebration, riding the train and having a celebration at the park...

50 and 51/52

lots of celebrations these last two weeks. especially for isaiah who turned 3 (check out my next post about that). one more week and this challenge is complete!

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